Alternative Small Business Loans in Houston

Alternative Small Business Loans in Houston

Bankers dragging their feet? Get Fast Alternative Small Business Loans in Houston from the leader in Texas Business Financing РElan Capital.

Alternative Small Business Loans in Houston

 Real Alternative Small Business Loans in HoustonAs banks lend less and less to small business owners, alternative sources of small business loans have gotten more aggressive with even better loan rates.

Back when banks made most of their money lending to small business (pre-2009), alternative small business loans loans were primarily to business owners with less than perfect credit.

Today, studies are showing that the traditional banks are lending less than half of what they did just a few years ago, instead focusing on lending larger amounts to corporate accounts.

Consequently, today, many small businesses even with good credit, get a runaround from their bank, and most commonly, are handed a credit card application in place of a cash loan.

So the two big reasons small businesses turn to “alternative” lenders are:

  • Small Business Loans are More Accessible
  • The Paperwork is Easier and the Process is Much Quicker

Alternative Small Business Loans in Houston – Redefined

Alternative Small Business Loans in Houston

When alternative lending began to get a foothold in the business marketplace, it was online. This presented a number of problems. Commercial online lenders all give you very little information, instead prompting you to “apply now”. These end up dinging your credit.

Worse, submitting a commercial loan application via a business finance website is equivalent to blindly sending a resume seeking employment to a company without any prior discussions or research.

The simple fact is most small business loans are simply too complex to initiate by an oversimplified automated process. It’s like running a marathon without any conditioning exercises. You need to sit and talk with loan expert, just like the old days in the bank.

And that’s exactly what we do at Elan Capital.

The Best Alternative Small Business Loans in HoustonAnd with offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, and Lubbock, we have Texas covered.

Call today and schedule an appointment with a business loan specialist from Elan Capital.

You can thank us later.


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