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Does your business need fast funding in Texas? Fast business loans in Dallas, Houston, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio and Lubbock from Elan Capital, Inc.

Fast Funding in Texas

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Fast loans - Fast funding in Texas

If you are in a situation that requires fast funding here in Texas, you have 3 options. A bank, which moves at a snails’ pace and takes months, online lending that can be dicey, and Elan Capital with fast personal service. We are a unique lender here in Texas that actually takes the time to talk with you and understand you business needs. In other words, since we live and work in Texas, we care.

Elan also has access to lending options you won’t find online.

In Need of Fast Funding in Texas?

Elan Capital has access to dozens of lenders and hundreds of programs. 

Fast business loans - Fast funding in TexasSome of our lenders specialize in low or shaky credit, while others focus on start-up, franchise and new business loans. We have lenders that concentrate on fast microloans, while other lenders prefer lines of credit, or short/ long term loans. A handful lenders concentrate on working capital loans or unsecured business loans. And other lenders specialize in merchant cash advance and factoring. A few target construction loans, while others focus primarily on leasing. Many even concentrate on different types of businesses. Additionally, Elan has SBA loan programs as well.

Put all this under one roof, and you have Elan Capital, Inc.

Fast Funding in Texas

  • Merchant Cash Advance: This type of loan is one of the fastest available and is often made to a business based generally on the volume of its monthly credit/debit card transactions. Businesses can typically receive an advance on their monthly transaction volume, sometimes even more. The terms for repaying a merchant cash advance vary by lender. Some business lenders take a fixed amount of money out of a business’s merchant account every day, while others take a percentage of the daily credit card sales. The best candidates for merchant cash advances are businesses with strong credit/debit card sales, such as retailers, restaurants and service type businesses. The advantages of merchant cash advances are that they are relatively easy to obtain, funding can be received in as quickly as a few days, and the loan is paid back directly from credit card sales.
  • Professional Practice Loans: Professional practice loans are designed specifically for providers of professional services, such as businesses in the insurance, health care, veterinary, accounting, legal, engineering, IT and architecture fields. These types of loans are typically used for buying real estate, purchasing an existing practice, renovating office space, buying new equipment and refinancing prior debt.
  • Franchise and Business Startup Loans: Franchise startup loans are designed for entrepreneurs who need financing to help open their own business. These loans, can be used for working capital, or to pay franchise fees, buy equipment and build restaurants.offices and stores.
  • Working Capital Loans: Working-capital loans are typically designed as short-term solutions for businesses in need of money to help run their operation. Working-capital loans are available from most alternative lenders. The advantage of a working-capital loan is that it gives small businesses the ability to keep their operations running while they search for other ways to increase their revenue. Some downsides of a working-capital loan are that they often come with higher interest rates and may have shortened repayment terms.
  • Business Line of Credit: Like working-capital loans, lines of credit provide small businesses money for day-to-day cash-flow needs. These are not recommended for larger purchases (like vehicles and machinery), and are available for as short as 90 days to as long as several years. With a line of credit, you take only what you need and pay interest only on what you use, rather than the entire amount. These loans are usually unsecured and don’t require any collateral. They also have longer repayment terms and give you the ability to build up your credit rating if you make the interest payments on time.
  • Equipment Loans: Many alternative lenders offer their own types of equipment loans. Equipment loans and leases provide money to small businesses for office equipment, such as copy machines and computers, or things such as machinery, tools and vehicles. Instead of paying for the large purchases all at once up front, equipment loans allow business owners to make monthly payments on the items. One benefit of equipment loans is that they are often easier to obtain than some other types of loans because the equipment being purchased or leased serves as collateral, hence no other collateral is needed. Equipment loans preserve cash flow since they don’t require a large down payment and may offer some very beneficial tax write-offs.

Fast Funding in Texas – More Choices – Real Results

Elan Capital Inc, has many subsets to these business loans and hundreds of options including;


Fast business loans - Fast funding in Texas

Elan Capital provides businesses throughout Texas with fast, flexible funding, and a much easier approval process.

And when you connect with an Elan Capital Funding Specialist, you gain access to programs across the United States as well as Canada, Australia, South America, and the U.K.

Best of all, these funding sources are monitored daily for the best interest rates and terms available to your business.

Fast business loans - Fast funding in Texas

Looking for Fast Funding in Texas? Or Dallas, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Lubbock or really, anywhere in the great state of Texas? With one call, you can have dozens of lending sources competing for your loan. 


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