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Elan Capital provides Small Business Loans in Lubbock Tx – When banks say No, We say Yes. With dozens of lenders, we’ll find the right one for you.

Small Business loans in Lubbock TXSmall Business Loans in Lubbock Tx – Elan Capital

There is no argument on how small business lending has changed since 2007. It’s not only easier to get a small business loan, it’s easier to apply.

How Small Business Lending Has Changed Since 2007

The 2008 “Crash”

The small business lending landscape today bears little resemblance — functionally, structurally or even in terms of customer service — to what it was back in 2007.

For decades, if you needed a small business loan, you walked into your bank and sat across the desk from a banker. Then the paperwork (and lot’s of it) got started.

How Small Business Lending Changed Since 2007 1When the Great Recession hit in 2008, traditional banks and credit unions quickly changed their lending standards, making it very difficult for small business owners to get any funding.

Alternative lenders stepped in to fill the void. They helped small business owners when the banks would not.

Now banks, even some of smaller regionals, don’t even bother with small business loans of under $1M. They won’t even think about processing an application for a $25,000 loan. They just hand you a credit card application. They have realized that loan processing costs are the same on a small loan of $200,000 are the same as on a $2 million loan, and the latter has tons more profit for shareholders.

So first, it was a recoil from the near crash of the century, then it was the realization that there are other, larger profit centers.

Small Business Loans in Lubbock Tx – Why Elan Capital?

If you go online looking for a small business loans how do you choose the platform and program that is right for you?

Unlike the “online lenders”, Elan is not tied to just one or two alternative lending sources. We have dozens of different lending sources and hundreds of small business lending solutions. 

Elan Capital uses dozens of lenders and is not beholden to just one lender. With each lender having dozens of products, Elan Capital has direct access to hundreds of small business lending programs.

small business loans in san antonio texas postAll done with a personal touch from small business specialists that live and work in right here in Texas.

One quick application.

Dozens of lenders.

Hundreds of programs.

All with transparent fees.

Finding the right alternative source for capital and small business loans in Lubbock Texas is the first step in the process, so contact the experts at Elan Capital today to investigate your options.

small business loans in Lubbock TXHaving a solid understanding of all the options available and how they meet your business needs is key to determining the lending option that is best for your small business here in Lubbock Texas.


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