Prepare For Your Exit

Leaving a business requires understanding your business's value and worth. You may find that you need multiple valuations depending on the buyer, as well as the nature of the business and the deal. Having clearly understood books and records helps a buyer with their due diligence, and you want to have many years of financials readily available so you’re prepared for that unexpected offer.

Negotiating Your Immediate Future

Many times, you will be asked to stay in order to shepherd your employees into the new system/company. Elan Capital suggests that you understand what those parameters are, and if they don’t want you, you’ll need to what those ramifications are.

Create A Financial Plan

Advice here is critical. Retirement, new business adventures, travel, college for your children; planning is essential. While some business owners may have a vision as to what comes next, others may decide to take some time to figure out next steps.

Do Not Go It Alone

Team with someone who will make a commitment to you with the same intensity you have for your business. Teaming with Elan Capital will help determine your success, because at Elan Capital, we believe our success is due to making our clients our top priority, and we intend to continue doing so.

Selling your business is more complicated than buying a one page “Businesses for Sale” Listing; at Elan Capital, our experts guide you through the entire selling process from start to finish.

What Is A Business Broker And How Are We Different?

A Professional Business Broker must have the proper background and knowledge to assist you at every step in the selling process, so that the transaction is closed on paper, where both the buyer and seller have addressed all prior and future legal, taxation, financial and ownership issues concerning the business.

We believe that by making our clients out top priority and treating both buyers and sellers with honesty and integrity, we help both parties achieve their goals. A Professional Business Broker is the best way to channel information between both parties, and can ease difficult transactions by guiding both parties to negotiate all differences without any pressure, as well as professionally guiding first time sellers and buyers to make their decisions and due diligence, independently every step of the way.

How ELAN Capital Can Help You Sell Your Business

Elan Capital is skilled in the mergers and acquisitions arena and has established relationships with many other professional business and financial organizations who are required to complete the transfer of ownership successfully.

At Elan Capital, we believe you won't find more knowledgeable business brokers anywhere, let alone here in the Dallas area. We use the utmost care in finding a qualified buyer for your business as we would if we were selling our own business. For nearly two decades, we’ve helped thousands of business owners exit their business successfully. Selling a business with an experienced business broker can help streamline the timeframe as well.

It’s not a smart move to sell a business without a professional valuation of your business to determine its market value and ensure that it's appropriately priced. This normally allows us to sell a business faster.

Here at Elan, we create a professional offering portfolio which provides much more information about your business than what appears in a common one page online MLS form used by most business brokers. Our offering portfolios include the type of detailed information that a qualified buyer will want to know to help them make a buying decision. Over the last couple decades, it’s clear to us that a professional offering helps us sell a business faster and for more money as well. Also, spending more time and diligence preparing the sale portfolio results in fewer speedbumps when selling the business.

  • Online is Good (but there are other avenues as well)

    Elan Capital will market your business through our many global business networks and on multiple websites. What this means to you, is that you now have thousands of business brokers working with Elan to find a qualified buyer that is perfect for you. But it doesn’t start and end online. When Elan Capital prepares an offering portfolio and designs a custom plan to promote your business to likely buyers, it may likely include targeted marketing to buyers, direct mail, consume and trade magazines and advertising, as well as other avenues as needed or required, depending on the nature of your business.

  • Honesty and Integrity

    With the prestigious Business Finance Consultant (BFC) designation, which is awarded by The Loan Consultants, Inc. to their nationwide network of independently owned and operated brokerage companies, we guarantee honesty and integrity in every transaction. Elan Capital, Inc., with this BFC designation, offers highly personalized service and help to cut through the red tape that is often involved in selling or merging a business.

    Of course, we understand the importance of both providing the highest professional standards, and maintaining complete confidentiality while providing these services when selling a business. Only generalities are discussed in the initial stages, there will be no in-depth discussions nor will Elan Capital, Inc. disclose any confidential information without a signed non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is our business networks expand your offering well beyond local neighborhood commercial real estate brokers. By using Elan Capital, your stage becomes global in reach. Elan will use these networks to bring you the broadest number of interested, qualified buyers.

Then, Elan Capital will leverage our financial and banking partners to assist financing arraignments. This helps to keep seller financing at a minimum, if needed at all.

In the end, you need to know that merely listing your business on an online commercial MLS system is but just one of the steps needed to sell your business successfully. While it’s true that anyone can sell a business, it’s important to understand how to sell it successfully.

At Elan Capital, we believe our success is due to making our clients our top priority, and we intend to continue doing so. We look forward to partnering with you.