Business Broker Fort Worth - Buy - Sell - Fund

Business Broker Fort Worth – Buy – Sell – Fund

Business Broker Fort Worth – Buy – Sell – Fund – If you are looking to buy or sell a business in the DFW area, Elan Capital brokers are ready to help.

Business Broker Fort Worth – Buy – Sell – Fund

Business Broker Fort Worth - Buy - Sell - Fund

Elan Capital Inc, is among the top business brokers in Texas. We help people in Texas. And with our main office in Fort Worth, we help people buy businesses, sell business and enjoy access to funding for acquisitions and business growth.

Buying a Business in Forth Worth

As a potential buyer, you may have a number of good reasons to purchase a business. Buying a business can be a difficult process and finding a seller and arraigning financing can be even more difficult. Elan is here to help.

Selling a Business in Fort Worth

A seller can have a number of reasons to sell a business as well. It can become a challenging procedure and finding a qualified buyer requires broker marketing skills and access to numerous databases. Elan is here to help.

Business Funding in Fort Worth

What do buying and selling have in common? Funding. As one of the top business brokers in Texas, Elan Capital has direct access to dozens of lenders that can fund any business need. Elan is here to help.

If you are looking for a business broker in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, Elan Capital is a full-service business brokerage – buying, selling, funding.

Business Broker Fort Worth - Buy - Sell - Fund

Elan provides Business Brokerage, Business Valuation, and Seller and Buyer Consulting Services. What makes us different?


From SBA loans to every type of alternative financing available. Traditional small business loans through banks all but disappeared in the crash of 2008, and have been in hiding almost ever since. That marketplace, historically built upon legacy systems and stale underwriting practices, was ripe for disruption when alternative lending stepped in to provide small business funding during the crash.

While the banking industry is concentrated into a few, large, increasingly-regulated players who often do not see a return from investing in small business lending, alternative lenders are smaller, more agile financial institutions that are able to take on the risk and complexity associated with lending to small business owners. The best alternative lenders have innovative underwriting approaches utilizing software, big data, better signals and more adaptability in collateral sources.

Additionally, Elan has partnered with dozens of lending sources providing solutions for virtually any business need.

Looking for Business Financial Services in Texas? Buying a business? Selling a Business? Just need some Guidance? Elan is a Full Service Business Broker here in Fort Worth.


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