Buying a Business in Dallas

Franchises, Start-ups, Home Business, MLM’s, and Existing Businesses – Here are are some factors to think about when buying a business in Dallas. Buying a Business in Dallas With so many options available, the question becomes which lane of the business-ownership highway should you pursue? Between franchises, existing businesses, start-ups, home-based businesses and MLMs, it can become […]

5 Financing Mistakes New Business Owners Make

As a new business owner, with so many balls in the air, it’s not uncommon to drop a couple. Here are 5 financing mistakes new business owners make. 5 Financing Mistakes New Business Owners Make Not meeting with an accountant or financial professional frequently Remember, running a small business is an incredibly complex situation from […]

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Access to Business Capital Holding You Back?

Is access to business capital holding you back? Do your competitors seem more nimble? They may be accessing capital funding, and you can as well. Is Access to Business Capital Holding You Back? A 2016 Dun & Bradstreet report is out and the economic outlook for small businesses has some good news, except for one […]

Selling a Business in Dallas (or anywhere else)

Over the next decade, 6 of 10 U.S. business owners plan to sell their companies – here are some steps to take to get the maximum value for your business. Selling a Business in Dallas Over the next decade, six out of ten U.S. business owners plan to sell their companies. This is a noticeable […]

Business Sellers Getting Top Dollar

Business sellers getting top dollar in early 2016 and business owners are cashing in here in Dallas and elsewhere. Business Sellers Getting Top Dollar BizBuySell reported earlier in April, that the median revenue and median cash flow of small businesses sold in the first quarter of 2016 reached their highest levels since they first started tracking […]

Small Business Working Capital

At Elan Capital, we are experts at connecting owners with small business working capital they need to start or grow their business. Small Business Working Capital Do you, or perhaps someone you know, need a business loan or business line of credit to start, build, buy, or grow a business? Well, you are not alone. […]

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Sale-Leaseback Financing

Sale-Leaseback Financing is a useful tool for companies needing working capital who do not want to use their bank lines, or have credit issues. Sale-Leaseback Financing The last 7 years or so have been a very difficult time for middle / small businesses. The general U.S. economic situation has affected many businesses’ ability to fund […]

Office Equipment Business for Sale in Dallas

Looking to buy a business in Dallas? Elan has established businesses for sale including a 22 year old office equipment business for sale in Dallas. Office Equipment Business for Sale in Dallas County If you are looking to own a business, you can hit the ground running by buying an established business instead of starting […]

Dallas Business Funding

If you are searching for Dallas Business Funding, Elan Capital is here to help. The deregulation of the banking industry has made new choices available that never existed before. Dallas Business Funding The friendly folks at Elan Capital provide fast, professional, informative alternative business funding services here in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We specialize […]

Fast Small Business Loan

Do you need a fast small business loan? Get the capital you need for your business fast! $4k-$2MM into your bank account tomorrow from Elan Capital.Need a Fast Small Business Loan?Then make the call to Elan Capital and get the capital you need for your business…..Fast!If we could put $4K to $2MM into your bank account, […]

Can Factoring Grow Your Business?

Can factoring grow your business? Yes. Since the recession of 2009, factoring has grown and become more flexible. Historically, factoring was for a large purchase, today it’s used for much more. Can Factoring Grow Your Business? Prior to the post recession credit crunch, factoring was common in industries that faced large one-time expenses such as […]

Business Start Up Loans

Approval for business start up loans, even when your credit is good, can be difficult. The good news is there are many funding programs at Elan Capital. Business Start Up Loans Sally wants to open a banner printing business. The printer will cost $50,000. She does not own a home, but has a credit score […]

5 Important Factors When Selling a Business

Business owners typically choose to sell their businesses for many reasons, from profiting financially to pursuing other business ventures or even retiring. Except in more extreme circumstances, the decision to sell your business should not be made hastily. Here are 5 important factors when selling a business that can help determine who you choose to […]

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Alternative Financing For Small Business

The percentage of total bank business loans that go to small businesses has steadily declined over the last two decades, from just over half in 1995 to well under 1/3 currently. As banks lend less and less to small businesses, other alternative options are filling the gap. Two decades ago, “non-traditional” business loans really were not […]

Notice Anything Different?

Notice Anything Different?

You may have noticed some serious upgrades in our digital world here at Elan Capital. Take a look around, and let us know what you think. Notice Anything Different? We are pleased to reveal our newly designed website for Elan Capital, Inc. When Google announced the most impactful changes in their history to the mobile […]

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5 Important Factors When Buying a Business

If you are thinking about buying an existing business, here are 5 important factors when buying a business. Sometimes it makes more sense to buy an established business than to start one up from scratch. It’s a great way to hit the ground running. While buying an existing business typically involves more upfront cost, it […]